Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

14 Days of Christmas Events!

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  • Friday 1st: Day 1 - Our live advent calendar begins! 
  • Monday 4th: Day 2 - Christmas card labels
  • Tuesday 5th: Day 3 - Reindeer Day 
  • Wednesday 6th: Day 4 - Christmas Literacy Day
  • Thursday 7th: Day 5 - Christmas Maths Day
  • Friday 8th: Day 6 - Christmas Jumper Day
  • Monday 11th: Day 7 - Chocolate Raffle tickets go on sale
  • Tuesday 12th: Day 8 - Christmas Story Day
  • Wednesday 13th: Day 9 - Christmas Crafts Day
  • Thursday 14th: Day 10 - BIG Christmas Quiz Day
  • Friday 15th: Day 11 - Panto Day
  • Monday 18th: Day 12 - Chocolate Raffle is drawn
  • Tuesday 19th: Day 13 - Christmas Dinner Day
  • Wednesday 20th: Day 14 - Christmas Party Day 

The BIG Christmas Family Quiz

Thank you for entering this year's BIG Christmas Family Quiz! 

Nine families had scores over 18 but the lucky winners, pulled out of the hat by Mrs Farrow, were Joshua and family! Click here if you want to check out the answers.