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Transforming Learning

The Primary Education phase of your child's life is so important in terms of helping children develop and build the foundation of necessary skills for learning and retention. These are the years where we can influence the desire to learn and to create a life long passion for learning. 

We offer a curriculum that will develop confident, independent learners and enable every pupil to achieve their personal best. We believe that all of our students are capable of experiencing remarkable success given the right conditions to succeed no matter what their starting point is. To that end we offer our young people a diverse, fun, experiential curriculum, designed to suit all needs and learning types. Whether children are are hands on learners or prefer to listen and absorb, we tailor our classes to help your child get the best from their time with us.

Subjects covered within our curriculum are Maths, English, Science, History, Geography, Art, Design Technology, ICT, Music, PE, RE and PSHE.  

We aim to..

Maximise our children’s life chances through our dynamic curriculum, which responds to the needs of our pupils and community.

  • We are breaking existing cycles within our community.
  • We want our pupils to develop a lifelong passion for learning and achieve highly
  • We want our pupils to be emotionally and physically healthy
  • We want our pupils to know their rights and responsibilities
  • We want our pupils to improve their futures
  • We want our pupils to be great citizens
  • We want our pupils to be happy and safe

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