Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Transforming Learning

Our Intent


Our community sits in one of the most economically, educationally and employment deprived areas in the UK. Out of 32844 geographical areas in England, we are ranked the 68th most deprived. These statistics mean that even before our children are born, they have multiple statistical barriers barricading the way to achievement. 

Our curriculum is planned from where we want our pupils to be by the end of their time in our academy, so that they can be the best version of themselves in their future. It is a dynamic, holistic and immersive curriculum, which provides the cultural capital essential for social mobility. We open them up to the best that has been thought and said and enable them to understand what it means to be human. Our curriculum creates children who are literate, numerate and passionate individuals. Our curriculum is inclusive and brings advantage to disadvantage. Our curriculum is organised in terms where pupils can gain more knowledge and develop specific skills that are built upon within the term and over the year. Learning goes fast and slow as necessary. Terms end with a project that enables the children to use the skills and knowledge learnt and harnesses their natural passions and ability in order to break existing cycles and achieve highly.

Our curriculum is delivered by highly skilled passionate staff, focused on making every second of learning count.

Nunsthorpe is in the highest ranked area in England for Education, Skill and Training deprivation.

We work daily to break that cycle.

We strive for our pupils to ........

develop a lifelong passion for learning  and achieve highly

be emotionally and physically healthy

know their rights and responsibilities

be great citizens

improve their futures

be happy and safe

Because we are an Oasis school we adopt these 9 habits in order to fulfil our God given potential


Curriculum Implementation

We structure our curriculum into focused terms where certain subjects take precedence: this means we link all of our learning in these subjects to literacy, in order to immerse our children in content. We believe that this IMMERSION is essential for our pupils, who live in a community marred by poverty:  it supports their COGNITION and MEMORY development, helping them to build the SCHEMA they need to make learning INTERCONNECT. Our COMMUNITY benefits from this immersion, learning alongside the children and supporting their learning at home. Implementing our curriculum in this way helps our children know more and remember more.

Taught daily/weekly
English Maths Science PE Music Spanish RE PSHE
Focus subjects
Art Design Technology Computing History Geography
Where we teach our curriculum
In the environment Through educational enrichment In class through quality-first teaching In our assemblies Through Forest School Through pastoral and behavioural support In our Hub community space


Are we doing what we set out to do?


(Autumn 2019 Pupil Survey:

114 KS2 pupils)

Do our pupils develop a lifelong passion for learning and achieve highly?

Come and speak to our pupils!

Are our pupils emotionally and physically healthy?

·   We have achieved the Sports Partnership Silver Award

·   96% say that we encourage them to be healthy 

Do our pupils know their rights and responsibilities?

·   We  have achieved the Rights Respecting School Silver award, and are working towards Gold

Are our pupils great citizens?

 Our pupils hold art classes at the local nursing home

Look what is happening on the estate too

Do our pupils know how to improve their futures?

·   93% say that we help them to prepare for their future

Are our pupils happy and safe?

·   100% say that they feel safe in school

·   96% say they enjoy school

What will my child learn in each year?

Our Teachers 

  • Are skilled communicators
  • Have deep knowledge and passion for subject matter
  • Build caring relationships with students
  • Have excellent preparation and organisation skills
  • Have a strong but healthy work ethic
  • Are creative and passionate educators