Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community



The intent of our curriculum design at OAN is to break cycles, giving every child every chance.

Through the teaching of history, we want to create curious learners who understand what has happened in the past and how this has impacted on not only the way people live now, but how they may live in the future, enabling them to shape better futures for themselves. We teach our children to question why and how things happened in the past, supporting their language development through discussion and questioning. Children are encouraged to seek answers to their own questions, using a range of sources to achieve their goals, which increases not only their knowledge, but also their reading and comprehension skills and their resilience and determination. Our teachers are passionate about the history topics that they teach, creating passionate learners who have a thirst for knowledge.

Through understanding of events that have taken place in the past, we are enabling children to make choices about what is right and wrong and to empathise with others, considering how they would feel in different historical situations. This supports children in developing their social and intellectual skills and enables them to analyse and interpret the different situations that they may find themselves in throughout their lives. We want our children to understand how some things that happened in the past no longer happen due to changes in human rights that we now have. Children also develop an understanding of how past mistakes and triumphs inform our futures, supporting them in breaking personal cycles and making conscious choices for the future of their own lives.

By teaching children about the differences in cultures across history, we are teaching children to celebrate diversity and develop an understanding of what it means to be human. This helps our children to understand key values within our society and where they have come from. We enable our children to develop a sense of humility through their understanding of other cultures and time periods, understanding that they themselves may be more fortunate than others have been in the past.

Our history curriculum is designed to show children where they fit into their wider world, supporting them to feel a part of a bigger community. We want our children to discover things that they didn’t know about their local area, giving them pride in their community and heritage and empowering them to make choices that will impact on not only their futures, but the future of their world.

By showing children that the world in which we live is ever-changing, we aim to build a lifelong passion for learning within our children that doesn’t stop when they leave the classroom. Children develop an understanding of continuity and change, knowing that some things in their lives will stay the same, but that others will adapt slightly or even change completely. This helps them to develop resilience and the ability to face changes with confidence.

History is a core element of cultural capital, developing knowledge and understanding of key historical figures, periods and events, which enhances their understanding of other academic subjects.


Our curriculum features terms where specific subjects are chosen to be supported with a literacy focus. Children are able to learn about a subject intensively, covering the topic within Literacy and Reading in addition to explicit topic-based lessons.

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Famous Historical Figures

We study the following people in our curriculum. Do you recognise them and what they are known for?

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