Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community



At Nunsthorpe we have built a Design & Technology curriculum which develops learning, encourages curiosity about the world and helps children break cycles. The local businesses range from high tech renewable energy companies to fish process and food production and everything in between. Design & Technology equips children with the skills to succeed in their hometown and the wider world. It gives every child, every chance to grow as it relies on a different set of skills and allows children to shine who may otherwise lack confidence in other areas of the curriculum. At Nunsthorpe we encourage children to become problem solvers who can work creatively to make products that solve real and relevant problems across a variety of contexts. While also using technical vocabulary that is relevant to the area of learning. Evaluation is also key in Design & Technology as it allows children to reflect on their learning and also celebrate their successes. Allowing children to show real pride in what they have achieved. Where possible, we ensure there are cross-curricular links to help add even more purpose to their products.


At Nunsthorpe we spend time immersing children in real and relevant problems to help give context to their learning. Skills and knowledge are built on throughout their time at school to help children maximise their learning. We encourage children to work collaboratively with each other to help aide understanding and improve teamwork. We aim to provide new experiences to help create an exciting Design & Technology experience that sparks awe and wonder, allowing children to apply their imagination and creativity in a purposeful way. Throughout the school, children are taught the same fundamental three step process of: design, make and evaluate. Whilst also testing and creating prototypes of their designs. Throughout the year children have opportunities to revisit and further develop their knowledge.

Weekly KS1 DT Challenge

Rocket Launcher Challenge! Click here 

Weekly KS2 DT Challenge

Glider Challenge! Click here


Year 1 Design & Technology Project; making boats so they could send Penguin back to the South Pole.  

Easter Egg Challenge

Easter Update Challenge