Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Reading and Phonics

At Oasis Academy Nunsthorpe, we are helping our children to become passionate readers. Pupils can select from a vast range of books including the following reading schemes.

Along with our current reading schemes, we also use Accelerated Reader (AR). All children from Years 2-6 are assessed and given a ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development) and reading age. This allows them to choose books that are at the appropriate level for their reading ability. At the end of each book, the children are quizzed to see what they understood. Their target is to achieve 100% in the quiz and gain more than 1 million words over the course of the year. There are weekly rewards for pupils demonstrating their love of reading.

Reading is taught daily through Guided Comprehension lessons. These sessions are specifically targeted to ensure that the children are being taught the direct reading skills that they require in order to develop their comprehension as a reader. The sessions are structured into daily 25-minute sessions over the course of the week and include a variety of different text types for the children to access.

Reading at Home                                                                                                                 Phonics Sounds    

All reading is good reading and parents are encouraged to share a book with their children as often as possible. Each day, children bring in their reading diaries to share what they have been reading at home.