Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Student Leadership

We feel it is important for our young people to feel empowered and have a say in how they feel aspects of the Academy should be run. Therefore, we offer are a wide range of opportunities for students to take on leadership roles in the Student Council. 

At Oasis Academy Nunsthorpe we understand that having that chance to feel heard by your peers and by our staff, being able to take part in special school activities and that finding your voice among the crowd is life changing for some. Therefore we give all of our pupils the chance to be a part of the student leadership team, and to be involved in all events across the year.

These are our Student Councillors for 2019-2020   

3J Codey Wilson and Cylia Rawasa 

3L Ruben-Lei Wallis and Lola-Lou Smith

4B Cash Kendall and Kayla Blake

4R Dylan-James Burton and Nikola Bysiak

4W Lawrence Carr and Mia Ratchford

5L Olly Grimson and Betsy Barr

5W Ole Boyer and Alexis Hargrave

6B Kian Snook and Ella Van Der Merwe

6R Toby Hambling and Hollie Brown

6T Reece Billington and Grace Curtis